Proposed Changes to the Constitution

One important item on this year’s AGM agenda is our proposal to make a few small, yet significant changes, to the existing Constitution. These proposals are part of a process to make the Constitution more transparent and accountable and will be presented to members at the AGM to be voted on.

Firstly, we wish to simplify the first object of the Association, by splitting it into two points. This sends out a strong signal about what the Association promotes, and that it is done without discrimination.

Secondly, we wish to provide members with the right to be consulted on any major decisions regarding the ownership (purchase, lease, exchange or hire) of property, and with the disposal of the Association’s assets. We believe it is important that members are fully consulted in future and wish to have it written into the Constitution.

Click here to download the Proposed Changes to the Constitution 

Click here to download the Current Constitution

Please note that only current members and life members are entitled to vote at the AGM. If you have yet to pay your membership fees, of £5 per person, you should do so by Tuesday 11th July if you wish to vote.