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we charge £3.00 per session 

We do ask that you become a member of the Community Centre for the grand price of £5 a year. 

Ping Pong


Meet some of the Team

Table tennis at the centre is for all age groups. Perfect for keeping fit, meeting people, and having fun.  

These sessions are usually open on  Monday Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon 

Some of the Friday members 

We also hosted a Children in need 24 hour game in 2022 and raised just under £7,000

it was a joint effort with other Teams from Fareham and Gosport and it was a huge success the event was opened by Will Bailey gold medalist and Letitia McMullean ladies winner 

Younger group on Wednesday evening 

All about Table Tennis at the Centre

Maybe it was at school, through an official club, or as part of a leisure centres   activities or across the dining table with the family but one thing is certain we've all encountered Table Tennis at some point on life's journey. Did you think that it was a game you played in the past. 

Well be assured it is very much still alive and its played at the centre on a regular basis.

All are welcome to come a join an already successful group of teams which cover all age groups and abilities. We even have a league 

We play across  six tables and we have great coaches, some of which have won trophies for the sport and we also have a robot to help with training.


Our sessions take place on: 

Wednesday and Friday afternoon 2:30 - 4:30pm  and Sunday evening 6:30 to 8:30 

Contact The office on the details below. 




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